Bloomington Symphony Orchestra logoThe Bloomington Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is made up of highly qualified volunteer (unpaid) musicians who are selected through a competitive audition process.

The Bloomington Symphony has a rolling, two-part audition process. The first round is a video, prepared and submitted at your convenience. The second round is a performance of the same materials in front of our Music Director and committee at an in-person audition.

Why do you ask for a video? 

Preparing a video allows the candidate to submit their best performance for review. The live audition is an opportunity to have that playing ability confirmed in person. Before the first round video process began, we found that many candidates had not played auditions recently, and sometimes nerves were getting the best of a person. As a result of the first round video, we have placed more musicians as members or substitutes.

When is the next audition?

Check below for specific openings.

We review videos for section positions and substitute positions on a rolling basis and will schedule auditions on an as-needed basis, so prepare your videos and send it in!

What should I do if I have questions that are not answered on this page? 

You can explore our website (check out the About page!), complete the form below, or send an email to We would love to hear from you and see a video come to our inbox!

Where are your audition materials?

Audition materials for all instruments can be found on this page.

What are your current openings?

Violin – Section First & Second

Cello – Section

All other string sections, Winds, Brass, Percussion & Timpani: Substitute positions

Audition Interest Form

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